Bio: I was born and raised in South London, UK to a Jamaican father and a Guyanese mother. I started playing piano at age 7. During the early 90's my father would take me to all the Jungle sound systems at Notting Hill Carnival. I started making jungle and reggae mix tapes for my dad and for the International Supply teachers in primary school (elementary school) every Thursday. I would lie to them and say "every Thursday the teachers let us play music" and they would always believe it. In high school I would sometimes play the piano and organ during assembly whilst all the pupils got seated... memories.

Some artists/bands I enjoy listening to: Deftones, Kate Bush, Cult of Luna, Killswitch Engage, Frankie Paul, Tanya Stephens, Freddie McGregor, Richard D. James, Drexciya, Mike Paradinas, Steve Arrington, B. B. & Q. Band, Hospital Records, Skinny Puppy, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs, lots of 70's & 80's funk.


Photography: My mates Ancel and James Iwrin
Edited by myself

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